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I am a singer/songwriter/storyteller from the St. Louis metro area. I have been telling stories for over 40 years. This album, It’s About Time, is in reference to the years it has taken for me to accomplish this recording.



My Story

On Facebook and Daddy’s Girl were released to radio and streaming platforms in March of 2023. Both received considerable airtime and plays. The new single I’m Drunk Again, was released on July 4. The next single to be released will be TTYL in October of 2023.


I have written all of the lyrics on every song of this album except for Old School (John Conlee, 1985). I chose this song to record as I feel it is one of the most underrated songs released to country music in the past 40 years.

Please share this music with anyone who enjoys country music as much as I do. I’ve listened to country music my whole life and can’t imaging a world without it.


Thanks for visiting my page.


Tracy Inman


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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